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I use evidence-based techniques to reduce discomfort in life. I work with clients struggling with a wide range of challenges, including, but not limited to:

  • mood disorders

  • anxiety

  • complications from prior trauma/hurt.


Sessions frequency varies based on need.


I provide "Wellness Coaching" services, where I help you think about how to invest your time wisely.


Together, we will develop a personal "reset button" via a written plan which will cover multiple areas of wellness.


Weekly meetings with mid-week personalized accountability emails will be provided. There is an option to add phone calls for an additional fee.


Free yoga!


Every Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM, I lead a gentle 30 minute yoga class. We focus on:

  • slowly waking up the body

  • setting an intention,

  • beginning the day with a light & clear headspace.


The DIY Yoga School has allowed me to teach through them & offers other classes that may work better with your schedule. See the DIY Yoga School website for the full calendar & more information.

Embodiment Packages

I am currently developing Embodiment Packages. Each bundle of content will cater to a particular struggle one might face, such as:


  • anxiety & depression

  • dealing with feelings of loss of control

  • coping with imposter syndrome

Our first package is FREE! The "Foundations of Mindful Living" package focuses on everything you need to know in order to start living mindfully and building a home practice.


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