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Embodiment Packages

Having access to strong resources is one key to developing a successful practice.

I want to see you thrive and therefore, have been working hard on building a plethora of helpful resources for you.

Our first Embodiment Package is called, "Foundations of Mindful Living" and is made available FREE for you.

Foundations of Mindful Practice 

This 5-Part Video Series aims to provide you with fundamental knowledge about beginning your practice. Check out the videos below.


In this video, we discuss what it means to fully arrive and practice being with the moment.


In this video, we discuss how one chooses to approach their yoga practice through the means of philosophy and their general attitude.



This body scan meditation invites you to create a judgement free space for yourself and to listen to the thoughts and sensations that arise. 


In this video, we alchemize the information we've gathered and learned from approaching, arriving, and listening into movement.

Building a Home Practice

In this final video, we talk about how to build a home practice through incorporating mindfulness into your movement and daily rituals.

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